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George Peirson

"The Best Way to become an Expert is to use my Complete Training to learn all of the tools and processes"

- George Peirson

Not a CorelDRAW Expert? No Problem

My Training Takes You From Beginner to Advanced
Fast • Easy • Complete

Demonstrated by Top Training Guru, George Peirson

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Tired of hunting for a CorelDRAW answer on YouTube or struggling through a confusing book?

On YouTube you will find videos showing a limited number of tools and techniques plus it may be very difficult to find the answers you need.

My Complete CorelDRAW Training Course is Different,

I show you Everything in the Whole Program including:

• Complete Demos of all the Menus and Options
• Complete Demos of Every Tool with all Options shown
• Complete Demos of Every Docker with all Options shown
• How to Use Bitmaps and Effects
• How to Use All of the Toolbars
• Even how to get the most out of the Corel Online Help

    And so much more, too much to list here
    Click on the More Info links below for a complete list of videos.

Note: these tutorials are for Windows and do not come with the actual CorelDRAW program

DVD Courses

You can also get our CorelDRAW courses on DVD HERE