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Review of our JavaScript Training
by Sean McCown
Contributing Editor to InfoWorld:


This is a very nice introduction to JavaScript. It starts out by explaining what JavaScript is, and what versions there are, etc. I wouldn’t exactly say that it’s for those with no programming experience at all, but it is for someone with no JavaScript experience. It carries some very nice discussions on the different aspects of coding in JavaScript, and shows some nice code examples of each on along with full explanations.

The instructor explained things in a way that I actually understood. I’ve read a couple JavaScript books and I can say I honestly didn’t get it. It’s always been so difficult to me, but when he explained the same concepts here, something just clicked, and I still can’t figure out why the books didn’t just say that.

This course won’t take you to master level, but it’ll definitely give you a firm foundation in the basics (and even a little beyond) and you can pick it up from there. You can’t help but learn JavaScript with this course.

Presentation Style

The presenter is very comfortable with explaining the topic. It’s very easy to see that he’s experienced coding JavaScript as well as working in the tools he uses in the course. He has a comfortable and relaxed way of speaking and knows how to get his point across. His inflections keep you interested as he talks more like he’s teaching you directly and not speaking into a microphone on a computer. He has a lesson plan and he sticks to it without being stuffy about it. The course itself keeps a good pace and it’s divided up in such a way that it would be easy enough to go back and use it as a reference as I have done a couple times already.

Table of Contents

I ordinarily go into detail about here, but it’s just not necessary.  The table of contents is fully available on the website and he does such a good job my comments wouldn’t add anything to the mix. 

Reviews from Our Customers

“Hi George, I bought the Flash Dreamweaver series about a week ago and could not be more pleased with the quality of product and instructions.  Prior to this I bought a book from my local Barnes and Nobel called learn dreamweaver in 24 hours.  Funny thing I had this book for 2 months and still haven’t learned much.  I find it is much more difficult to get a solid understanding just reading a book.  But watching the video for which I am 70% done with dreamweaver mx I have learn a lot but more importantly gained some confidence.  You can count me in if you need any recommendations.  You saved me about $550 for a local 2 day course on Dreamweaver alone.  The other items were not included at all.  So thank you very much.
Thanks, Scott”

“Dear Guru, Thanks so much for your DVD series on Adobe Pro 1.5. It is an outstanding series and very helpful to me. Wish I had it before buying the official Adobe series which was more expensive and not as good. Let me know if you do any more advanced tapes on Adobe Pro 1.5. The teacher is excellent too by the way. Thanks so much.”
Yours, George Janvier

“What a fantastic set of discs. I learned how to do Photoshop CS without any problems. Easy to use fun to watch a great learning experience
Bill Martin

“It is a shame that you are unable to tell buyers that your product is far superior than any other . I purchased nearly all as I had to learn Illustrator in 5 days .Your product did the job and the rest are good for coffee coasters.
This goes to show you that cost has no relation to the quality of the product, as yours was not the most expensive

Your product is the best of all”

Thank you
Everett C.

“Your customer service really is excellent. I have already told everybody I know about How To Gurus.  I love the products and I guess Adobe does too because more and more people are choosing software based on the availability of good, affordable training.  I recently gave up on Avid X Pro in favor of the full line of Adobe products just so I could get training that I could afford.  Actually, I started all this when I bought Premier 1.5 along with Total Training.  Then I discovered How To Gurus.  I’m really glad I did.  George Peirson knows his stuff.  Peirson can run circles around Jacob Rosenberg any day of the week. Thanks again.  I wish you luck and good fortune in bringing your products to the market.  Thanks again.”  Roland C.

“Thanks George for including the time lengths for the Dreamweaver lessons. That will help me out a lot. I must say I previously purchased your Photoshop CS CD collection a few months ago and enjoyed it so much that I bought the Dreamweaver/Flash DVD combo set in addition to the After Effects 6.5 as a return customer. You have good quality, affordable products and I really have learned a lot from them.” – Bob G.

“I have been making my way slowly through your excellent (or should that be ‘most excellent‘?) tutorials. Absolutely outstanding. Thanks to you and your team for the effort that has gone in to these terrific products.” – Steve UK

“I would to acknowledge receipt of the FREE replacement How to Gurus Photoshop CS Intermediate 1 Cd 3.  Thank you for the very, very fast shipment. Again Excellent After Sales service and i certainly wish you more power in your business endeavors.

   As soon as i can afford another software, i will definitely turn to you for superb training cds and dvds.” —mauro

“I wanted to give you some early feedback on the training CD-Rom “Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 – Chapter Beginning, I just completed a few hours ago. 

Your training series has already exceeded my expectations.  The video and thorough explanation of the basics has set me straight on many aspects of Dreamweaver MX 2004.  I already feel more confident to go ahead and produce better web pages for myself and my clients.  I will start the Intermediate ROM very soon. I am looking forward to learning quickly and efficiently more aspects of the program and I am sure this training will give me a step-up to Adobe Suite 8.” – Mitch B.

“Thanks again for your assistance. I Received the 6 CD set of tutorial for After Effects 6.0 and 6.5  and they are GREAT.  I had a bad experience trying to save money and bought for 39.95 from one of your competitors but it was a grave mistake, it was not a true tutorial and was not worth even a dollar. Your product is thorough and professional and it is clear as it explains every step and phase. I love your product and I will make sure in the future to look into your site before I venture anywhere else.” – Boaz G.

“I would like to tell you what a wonderful training program this is! (After Effects)   I am in the process of branching off into video production and thought George did an amazing job with the training videos – can’t wait to begine Photoshop !!!!!” – Tracy B.

“Thanks for your excellent response to our questions. You are the type of vendor that my company is proud to do business with. The products are great and we are learning a lot and it is making us much more proficient. All business relationships are tested with problems but you have proven that the problems don’t have to leave a bad taste in customers mouths. Again it was a pleasure doing business with you.”
Earnest M.

“Knowing enough of the basics to be curious of the advanced tutorials, I started with disc 5 and 6 and will then start again at the beginning.  What I am pleased to have noticed rather quickly is how deliberate you are in doing even the most basic of things. This method not only reinforces for those who know but teaches small but very important nuances others may not have picked up on yet.” – Jerry

“This is my second purchase from you and I’ve got to tell you, this is better than taking a live class. Whenever I get lost I can “back you up” and listen to the lecture again.  Thanks for making such a great product!” – Jill

“Your PhotoShop 7 course is GREAT! I’ve wanted to learn PhotoShop for quite some time and had bought a number of books but just wasn’t able to teach myself. Your CD’s make it so much easier to understand and you cram so much important information into your course and you go into such detail.” – Mary R.

“All I can say is WOW !!  I like these so much that I’m going to buy the Flash training CDs right after I finish this e-mail, and then I plan on getting the Adobe CS training as soon as I finish Flash.

These are the best I’ve ever seen. I’m not just learning from them, but since you can tell where to look for a specific subject, I’m going to keep them in my desk for those times when I just get stuck on something. It will be the perfect reference tool.

Thanks again!” – Craig G

“Sir, I have purchased your training videos for the photoshop and dreamweaver programs and Id like to say thank you for your experience. It made wonders to my website.” – Andy

“I just want to thank you for the Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Video Training. I already finish the Beginning CD’s and it was a great experience, I learn a lot, there was a couple of things I did not know, because I learn dreamweaver just getting inside, with no training.

I love the way you teach, I will continue with the intermediate and the advance. Thanks,”

Elizabeth P.
Puerto Rico

“Thank you very much George. I have been listening to your training and I must say you are Magnanamous! Your work is very fine and I appreciate listening to it very much. You are taking a daunting learning task and reducing it to a matter of only as long as it takes to listen to all the material to make the software completely useable. Have a good week end sir!” – Michael

“Hi George I’d just like to say I’m now near the end of CD1, and this is an absolutely excellent tutorial. I’ve tried several others – both book and video guides, and this one leaves everything else standing.  The pace is right (for me anyway), the info is clear and well presented, and I can honestly say that now, at last, its all beginning toi make sense … and that’s after just the first of six CDs. Congratulations on a fine piece of work. I’m well pleased. Many thanks indeed for putting this all together for people like me! – Regards Mike”

“Fantastic…. Better then Lynda.com Great Video Based training!”


“Thank you Gurus! Best money I ever spent on edu CDS! will buy from again & again”

“The best training CDs on the market!!! AND fast shipping as well!!”

“Last evening I had went through the first CD and you can mention in your selling that it is very understandable and clear also for people who’s mother tongue is not English. It is really clear and effective! Thank you again, I will be finally able to use Dreamweaver instead of Frontpage without having to read heavy manuals and loosing my patience. Have a nice day and regards from Tuscany.” – Erika – Italy

“Hello. I recently purchased this item. Excellent CDs. I appreciate the effort you have taken – You are indeed competition for VTC and Lynda.com – Well priced too.” – Doud M. – Canada

“I have a pc laptop and am enjoying your lessons as we speak have taken some continuing ed classes and i must tell you…your cd’s are a heck of a lot better to understand.

“I ordered the Photoshop CD set and all i have to say is..

Man, you ROCK!!!!

My husband and I work out of the same office, so I wear headphones to listen to the lessons.  He cracks up at me because I sit over here at my desk hollering out stuff like..

“No way!”
“Holy Moly!”
“You go, George!”

I have just started my own business and can’t sleep at night (thanks a lot) because my brain is pulsating with ideas and techniques that I can’t wait to create.   I’m not even halfway through with the set, but I had to write and tell you how amazing the darn thing is.  I knew NOTHING — and I mean nothing — about Photoshop and I am rather quickly starting to feel the artist within me burst to the surface.
Thanks so much for putting together such a jam packed source of juicy Photoshop nuggets.  I will continue to use this set in my journey to morph into a “guru” myself.

Kudos to you, my new friend.”

Cari A. – Louisiana

“I bought most of your Photoshop Flash & Dreamweaver tutorials.. I want to say what excellent quality this training is – I’ve had one after the other in my ibook since I purchased them & am still going strong!

I am still very much a beginner & have acquired tutorials from most of the leading training providers, (along with a few books) but must say that the consistency & quality of your movies has meant that I have shelved the others until I’ve completed all yours as it is by far the most complete & informative collection that I have come across so far.”

Carl P – Mac user from the UK

“Your programs are a terrific way to learn complex applications very quickly – I’ve just started the Flash MX 2004 training. Please let me know if you ever need a reference or testimonial.” – Jim V – Virginia

“I used Dreamweaver Version 3 four years ago and have recently upgraded to Studio MX 2004 and need to get up to speed very fast. Your Video series is one of the best I have found. Thank you again,” – James C – Tennessee

“Recently purchased your Flash/Dreamweaver series. They are terrific! Trying to learn Photoshop as well. Have both PS7 & PS CS software. I HAVE RECOMMENDED YOUR TRAINING TO ALL OF MY COLLEAGUES. Continued success”

“I appreciate your training lessons. Now I can’t wait until your Illustrator version comes out. I have Total Training and its good, but your training tends to be more thorough and organized in a logical way. I’ve come a long ways since I got your first Photoshop training CDs several months ago. Thanks again, and like I said, I look forward to your Dreamweaver, and Illustrator CS training.”

“Thank you very much, George.  The product seems like the best educational tool I’ve used thus far and it was a pleasure to do business with you.”

“I LOVE the CDs – MUCH, MUCH better than the BDG training disks I have.”

“I got the videos for DWMX 2004 today and I have viewed just a little bit and I am very impressed. Your advice was very good advice.”

“You’ve spent all this time working with me and helping me through my frustration, thanks so much.  And your MX 2004 cds have been very helpful.  Let me know if I can be of any help on your project for FP folks transferring to DWVR.  Thanks.  Best, C”

“I just got your CD’s today and played through the first one, I thought I knew all of what you were going to cover on the beginning but I didn’t, I still picked up some very helpful tips. I’m looking forward to playing them all and using them to learn Photoshop better. I can see I’ll be using these for a long time as refreshers too, as you know if you don’t use it you lose it. I’m very pleased that I found your product and wanted to Thank You”

” I received them today, came right home from work and popped in the first one.   I’m truly impressed!  I’ve been a PhotoImpact user for many years and PI does most of the same things as Photoshop.  Problem is, to do anything commercial, most projects need to be done with Photoshop.  In other words, I basically know what to do…but how and where to do it is another matter, LOL!  It looks like your tutorials will give me everything I need–and then some! Thanks for creating  such a great resource!”

“I have gone through the FLASH Training that I purchased from you and it is really great. Your CDs are better than the ones I have gotten with the Adobe Illustrator CS and Photoshop CS software.”

“Best learning tool I’ve ever experienced. I wish there were more courses”

“Way above average packaging, excellent product. Would buy again”

“Great Cd’s Very informative Tutorials Will buy from again”

“Super Tutorials.. I can’t wait for the next ones.”

“It it is excellent course even for experts.”

“Mr. Peirson has put together a winner!”