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How To Gurus™ is an educational software publishing firm specializing in computer training and support materials for both home and business users. How To Gurus Corp is a privately held corporation with George Peirson as Chairman and CEO. How To Gurus is the exclusive manufacturer of training programs authored by George Peirson which are sold on,,,, and other online retailers.

You can follow George Peirson on his YouTube channel at

Product quality and customer service are the cornerstones of How To Gurus™. Our team of educators and software specialists have been providing outstanding professional products and services to the education/training market since 1995.

How To Gurus™ special line of educational software is specifically designed to teach computer programs quickly and easily – in plain English. In-depth, step-by-step guided training allows you to work at your own pace as you follow along with the tutorials.

The strength of How To Gurus training lies in the thoroughness and clarity of its content and the unique teaching style of the instructor, providing users with a dynamic educational tool – an information-rich resource they can refer to again and again.

Each instructional title examines its topic in depth in a logical, step-by-step manner that learners find exceptionally useful. As one delighted customer succinctly puts it, “Mr. Peirson has put together a winner!” Presenting a wealth of indispensable program tips and techniques, each instructor-guided title is presented in full-motion video with the instructor clearly demonstrating each lesson in the actual program being taught while providing a full narrative description of each step. The growing catalog of titles includes instruction for in-demand programs such as Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe InDesign®, Adobe Dreamweaver®, Adobe Flash®, along with our ever expanding line of Internet Sales and Marketing Titles.

“Our economy is moving towards a more information-based market. Obviously, the more education and computer skills people have, the better job they’ll be able to get and the more money they’ll make,” says Mr. Peirson. “The goal of How To Gurus is to help people make the transition or improve their skills and stay competitive.”