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WordPress Business Web Sites WordPress Business Web Sites

Discover the Inside Secrets Of Using the New WordPress

From our Making Money on the Web series

WordPress Business Web Sites

When you need affiliate marketing training, There is a Difference.
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Over 7 hours of video training
90 Individual Video Lessons
with Full Motion Video and Crystal Clear Sound
Demonstrated in WordPress

No other training even comes close

This is my NEW training for WordPress version 3.5 demonstrating all of the features of this powerful web design program, including all the changed and new areas. This new title is aimed at setting up a self-hosted WordPress installation on your own hosting plan, with demonstrations on setting up the mySQL database and installing WordPress correctly. I also demonstrate several advanced tips and tricks that I have not included before in any previous training title that will help you create a fully professional WordPress web site.

Creating a web site is easy to do if you use a program like WordPress. WordPress allows you to build fully functioning web sites and blogs online with their easy to use interface. Or you can put WordPress on your own server for even greater control and freedom. The trick is to know how to do it correctly. Do you want just a simple blog, or do you want a fully functioning web site? In this training we show you how to set up WordPress correctly, both online and on your own server. How to link it to a custom domain name, and how to add in all of the extras that will separate your web site from just a simple blog and turn it into a rich featured web site that can be used as a hub for all of your web site activities and promotions.

The best part is that WordPress is free, you don't need to purchase any special software, you don't need to install anything on your computer. You can purchase additional upgrades to expand WordPress functionality (and we show you how) but you don't need to. Everything is handled online, meaning that you can update your web site from any computer, anywhere in the world. You can even update your web site from a smart phone or tablet.

WordPress Business Web Sites
  • We show you, Step-By-Step
    • How To Use WordPress on Your Own Hosted Plan
    • How To Use cpanel to set up the passwords and mySQL database
    • Linking WordPress to a Custom Domain Name
    • Working with the New WordPress 3.5 Interface
    • How to Make Money with a WordPress Web Site
    • How to Capture eMail Addresses
    • How to Format Your Posts
    • Adding Links, Pictures, and Video to your Posts
    • Using Labels on Posts for better SEO
    • Creating Stand Alone Custom Pages
    • How to Link to Google Webmaster Tools
    • All About WordPress Widgets
    • Posting Using a Smart Phone
    • Demonstrations of several professional level plugins and widgets that you simply cannot do without
    • And Much, Much More!
  • See Full List of Videos Below.


WordPress Business Web Sites

Each HTG training software title guides you quickly and easily through comprehensive, step-by-step video tutorials.

As you follow along, you learn by doing, mastering the programs at your own pace. You are provided with a dynamic educational tool - an information rich resource you can refer to again and again.

Each instructor-guided CD or DVD title is presented in full motion video, with the instructor clearly demonstrating each lesson in the actual program being taught while providing a full narrative description of each step.

This training assumes a basic understanding of web design. If you need web design training we recommend any of our Dreamweaver training titles.

List Price $59.95
WordPress Business Web Sites  Our Price $24.87

on DVD


Note: These are Computer DVDs and will not play on a TV style DVD player
Note: This training is for Windows and does not come with the Adobe programs
Our training videos can be viewed on a Mac. Visit our Mac page for more info.

Complete List of Videos

WordPress Business Web Sites

How To Use WordPress for Business

Part 1

About WordPress
01 Web Sites vs. Blogs
02 Getting a WordPress Account
03 The WordPress Interface
04 Blogs on Web Sites
05 Ways to Earn Income
06 Check the Policies

Domain Names
07 Choosing a Domain Name
08 Registering a Domain Name
09 Using Domain Name for Blog
10 WordPress Domain Names
11 Finalize Domain Name

Hosted WordPress Web Sites
12 Hosted WordPress
13 Using CPanel
14 Setting up Web Space
15 Setting up email
16 Setting up Database
17 Download and Install
18 Setup
19 Customizing
20 Google AdSense
21 Amazon Associates

Basic Site Layout
22 Using Dashboard
23 Adding Posts
24 Adding Media
25 Adding Links
26 Making Pages
27 Plan for Traffic Flow
28 Plan for SEO
29 Webmaster Tools

Web Site Appearance
30 Themes 
31 Widgets
32 Menus
33 Edit Theme
34 Style.css
35 Site Images
36 Plug-ins Editor
37 Media Library

Part 2

Web Site Pages
01 Export/Import Posts
02 Formatting Posts
03 Adding Links
04 Adding Pictures
05 Adding Video
06 Adding Categories
07 Contact Us Page
08 Export/Import Pages
09 Help & Support

Additional Web Site Content
11 Polls
12 Ratings
13 Users
14 Tools
15 Settings

Plug-ins & Themes
16 Advanced Themes
17 tiny?
18 SEO plugins
19 Adding Forms
20 Menu Tricks

WordPress Online (Blogs)
21 About WordPress
22 Free vs. Paid (no ads)
23 Upgrades

Online Appearance
24 Themes
25 Widgets
26 Menus
27 Custom Design
28 Mobile
29 iPad

Part 3

Making Pages
01 Main Page
02 Formatting Posts
03 Adding Links
04 Adding Pictures
05 Adding Video
06 Tags & Categories
07 Making Contact Us Page
08 Edit a Page
09 Making Specialty Pages

Additional WordPress Content
11 Feedbacks
12 Polls
13 Ratings
14 Users
15 Tools
16 Settings

More WordPress
17 Upgrading to Pro
18 WordPress Plug-ins
19 VideoPress
20 WordPress TV
21 Extra Storage
22 Custom Design
23 Going Ad Free
24 Premium Themes


WordPress Business Web Sites


WordPress Business Web Sites




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