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"George, Thank you.  Your customer service really is excellent. I have already told everybody I know about How To Gurus. I bought Premier 1.5 along with Total Training. Then I discovered How To Guru.  I'm really glad I did.  George Peirson knows his stuff.  Peirson can run circles around Jacob Rosenberg any day of the week. Thanks again.  I wish you luck and good fortune in bringing your products to the market.  Thanks again."  Roland C

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New Complete Training for
Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5

When you need software training...
There is a Difference.
Don't fall for Cheap, Poor quality products that don't deliver
Customers worldwide consistantly vote our Professional Training A+++

Training Led by Award Winning Designer,
Author and Trainer George Peirson.
Mr. Peirson has been a working professional in design, advertising,
film and video for over 20 years.

Complete Training for Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5

List Price $98.95
Our Price $29.87

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2 DVDs filled with over 17 hours of video tutorial training.
142 separate video lessons.

Covers every topic that you need to know.

Includes all working files and examples.

Complete Training for Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5

Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 Training

Beginning 1

    How to use these CD
    Premiere Pro Tour
    What’s New

Help Menu
    Using Help
    Online Resources

The Workspace
    The Workspace
    Working with Windows
    Window Options
    Workspace Options

Document Basics
    Open & New
    The Monitor Window
    The Timeline Window

    Basic Audio
    Basic Video
    Saving & Exporting
    Diver Project part 1

The Menus

    Diver Project part 2

Beginning 2

Setting up a Project
    Starting a Project
    Custom Settings
    Importing Clips
    Scratch Disks

Working with Projects
    Project Windows
    Managing Bin Contents
    Working with Items
    The History Palette

    Diver Project part 3

Source Clips
    Offline & Online Edits
    Connecting Video Source
    Digitizing Video
    Setting up Tape

Capturing Video & Audio
    Capturing Considerations
    Matching Timecode
    Acquiring Audio
    Importing Other File Types
    Media Properties
    Diver Project part 4

Complete Training for Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5

Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 Training

Intermediate 1

Using Monitors
    The Monitor Window
    Using Monitor Controls
    The Sequence Windows

Tracks & Clips 1
    Working with Tracks
    Adding Video
    In and Out Points
    Duplicate Clips
    Clip & Sequence Markers

Tracks & Clips 2
    Edit Original
    Fixed Effect - Motion Scale
    Edit Tools

    Diver Project part 5
    Diver Project part 6

Editing 1
    Frame Hold
    Field Options
    Automate to Sequence
    Storyboard - Icon View
    3 & 4 Point Edits
    Selecting Clips

    Diver Project part 7

Editing 2
    Using Trim View
    Leaders, Bars & Tone
    Previewing Video
    Gang Previews
    Temp Files

    Diver Project part 8

Intermediate 2

Mixing Audio 1
    Audio Introduction
    Clip Gain
    Audio Levels Timeline
    Audio Levels Effects
    Cross-Fades Timeline
    Cross-Fades Effects
    Audio Mixer Window
    Panning & Balancing

    Diver Project part 9

Mixing Audio 2
    Linear & Nonlinear Volume
    Render and Replace
    Audio Clip Options
    Viewing Waveforms
    Audio Effects
    Applying Effects
    Diver Project part 10

Title Designer 1
    About Title Designer
    Opening a Title
    Using Templates
    Adding Type
    Adding Shapes
    The Pen Tool
    Add Logo

Title Designer 2
    Fills & Textures
    Rolls & Crawls
    Using Tabs
    Adding to Project

    Diver Project part 11

Complete Training for Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5

Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 Training

Advanced 1

Superimposing & Compositing
    Video Opacity Keyframes
    Using Keys
    Natural Color Keys
    Image Mattes
    Garbage Mattes
    Split Screens

    Transition Effects
    Transition Placement
    Default Transition
    Changing Settings

    Animation Motion
    Motion Keyframes
    Animating Opacity
    Multiple Animations
    Saving Animations
 Video Transitions
    Camera View Effect
    Transform Effects

    Diver Project part 12

Advanced 2

    About Effects
    Using Track Keyframes
    Effects Palette
    Video Adjust
    Video Effects
    Audio Effects
    Other Effects
    Diver Project part 13

Producing Video 1
    Exporting File Types
    Setting up for Export
    Exporting to Movie
    Streaming Media
    DVD & CD-ROM

Producing Video 2
    Animated Files
    Export Batch Lists
Export to EDL and AAF
    Diver Project part 14


List Price $98.95
Our Price $29.87

Complete Training for Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5




Customer Reviews:

"I bought Premier 1.5 along with Total Training. Then I discovered How To Gurus.  I'm really glad I did.  George Peirson knows his stuff.  Peirson can run circles around Jacob Rosenberg any day of the week. Thanks again."
Ronad C

"Thanks... and your training is the best... I am launching my new  business in a couple months... and all due to your training... Take Care"
Dan G

"Every so-called guru should be trained by these fellows. A First-class product."

"Excellent product and a great bunch of guys to do business with! 2 thumbs up!"

"I have gone through the Training that I purchased from you and it is really great. Your CDs are better than the Total Training ones I have gotten with the Adobe Illustrator CS and Photoshop CS software."

"I would like to tell you what a wonderful training program this is!   I am in the process of branching off into video production and thought George did an amazing job with the training videos"

"Sir, I have purchased your training videos for the photoshop and dreamweaver programs and Id like to say thank you for your experience. It made wonders to my website."

"Great seller and wonderful CD's to train with. All around A+++++++! Thanks! "

"Fantastic product and quick shipment, better and much cheaper than local classes"

"Super fast shipping. Great product. Can't wait to try other videos. "

"Great CD course, wish I would of had it 6 months ago, Fast shipping, Thanks :o) "

"Best Ebay Experience Yet!, very personable, extremely useful product. Fast Ship "

" Hello. I recently purchased this item. Excellent CDs. I appreciate the effort you have taken - You are indeed competition for VTC and - Well priced too."

"This is my second purchase from you and I've got to tell you, this is better than taking a live class. Whenever I get lost I can "back you up" and listen to the lecture again.  Thanks for making such a great product!"

"These are the best I've ever seen. I'm not just learning from them, but since you can tell where to look for a specific subject, I'm going to keep them in my desk for those times when I just get stuck on something. It will be the perfect reference tool."

"Thank you very much George. I have been listening to your training and I must say you are Magnanamous! Your work is very fine and I appreciate listening to it very much. You are taking a daunting learning task and reducing it to a matter of only as long as it takes to listen to all the material to make the software completely useable. Have a good week end sir!"

"Hi George I'd just like to say I'm now near the end of CD1, and this is an absolutely excellent tutorial. I've tried several others - both book and video guides, and this one leaves everything else standing.  The pace is right (for me anyway), the info is clear and well presented, and I can honestly say that now, at last, its all beginning toi make sense ... and that's after just the first of six CDs. Congratulations on a fine piece of work. I'm well pleased. Many thanks indeed for putting this all together for people like me!"

"Last evening I had went through the first CD and you can mention in your selling that it is very understandable and clear also for people who's mother tongue is not English. It is really clear and effective! Thank you again, I will be finally able to use Dreamweaver instead of Frontpage without having to read heavy manuals and loosing my patience. Have a nice day and regards from Tuscany."

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