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  How to Improve Your Photographs with
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New Photoshop Elements Training from George Peirson

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Learning Photoshop Elements Just Got
a Whole Lot Easier!

        • Perfect for the Beginner
        • Improve Your Photos Easily
        • Includes Practice Materials

Taught by Training Guru George Peirson, our "How to Improve Your Photography with Photoshop Elements" guides you quickly and easily through comprehensive, step-by-step video tutorials.

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Windows and Mac for Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista
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In "How to Improve Your Photographs with Adobe Photoshop Elements" George shows you:

  • All About using Camera Raw
  • Proper use of Selections
  • Using Adjustments
  • Working with Special Layers
  • Working with Black & White Photography
  • Working with Color Photography
  • The Most Useful Filters for Photography
  • Improve Photos with Blending Modes
  • How to Sharpen Photos
  • How to Soften Focus in Photos
  • Plus 14 new Complete Projects not available anywhere else
  • And Much, Much More,
    Full list of tutorial videos below:


When you need Adobe Photoshop Elements Photography Training, There is a Difference.

"Your disks are better than the Total Training ones I have gotten with the Adobe software."
"Every so-called guru should be trained by these fellows. A First-class product."

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Adobe Photoshop Elements Photography Tutorials

These are Computer DVDs and will not play on a TV style DVD player
This training is for Windows and does not come
with the Adobe Photoshop Elements program
Our training videos can be viewed on a Mac. Visit our Mac page for more info.

Complete List of Adobe Photoshop Elements Photography Tutorials

How to Improve Your Photographs with Adobe Photoshop Elements DVD


About PSE
01 Using the Training
02 The Organizer
03 The Editor
04 Quick and Guided Edit
05 Expert Mode

Camera Raw
06 Open in Camera Raw
07 Top Tools
08 Histogram Warnings
09 White Balance
10 Exposure
11 Color Saturation
12 Sharpening
13 Noise Reduction
14 Camera Calibration
15 Save Image
16 Image Fix 2
17 Image Fix 3

18 Adjustments Basics
19 Auto Adjustments
20 Lighting Adjustments
21 Color Adjustments

Special Layers
22 Using Layers
23 Adjustment Layers
24 Selections
25 Layer Masks

Black & White
26 Converting
27 Desaturate
28 Remove Color
29 Gray Scale Mode
30 Burn/Dodge
31 Levels Control - Contrast
32 Sepia Tone & Duotone
33 Photo Filters
34 Split Toning
35 Gradient Maps
36 Threshold
37 Invert (B&W Negative)


Working with Color
01 Control Exposure
02 Control Contrast
03 Adjust Values
04 Remove Color Cast
05 Control Color
06 Replace Color
07 Adjust Color
08 Adjust for Skin Tone
09 About Defringe
10 Burn/Dodge/Sponge

Useful Filters
11 Camera Distortion
12 Equalize
13 Gradient Map
14 Invert (Color Negative)
15 Posterize
16 Threshold
17 Photo Filter Color Correction

Blending Modes
18 Darkening Modes
19 Lightening Modes
20 Light Source Modes
21 SFX Modes
22 Adjustment Modes

23 Unsharp Mask
24 Adjust Sharpness
25 Sharpen Tool

26 Blur
27 Gausian Blur
28 Specialty Blurs
29 Blur Tool


14 New Projects

01 Lighten a Dark Photo

02 Fix a Faded Photo

03 Fix Color in Old Photo

04 Fix Damaged Photo

05 Hand Color a B & W

06 Skin Tone Adjustments

07 Brighten Eyes

08 Whiten Teeth

09 Spot Color B & W

10 Old Fashioned Photo

11 Soft Focus

12 Motion Blur

13 Gradient Overlay

14 High Contrast B&W

15 Wrap Up




How to Improve Your Photographs with Adobe Photoshop Elements
Normal Price $79.95
Sale Price $29.87


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