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New Adobe Photoshop CS4 Video Training
On 3 DVDs

New Adobe Photoshop CS4 Video Training

When you need Photoshop CS4 software training, There is a Difference.
Our customers consistently vote our training A+++

302 Individual Photoshop CS4 Video Lessons
Over 25 Hours of Computer Based Video Training
with Full Motion Video and Crystal Clear Sound
No other training even comes close

New Adobe Photoshop CS4 Video Training

Regular Price $88.95
Sale Price $49.87

"Your disks are better than the Total Training ones I have gotten with the Adobe software."
"Every so-called guru should be trained by these fellows. A First-class product."
"Excellent product and a great bunch of guys to do business with! 2 thumbs up!"
"Exceptional customer service; Will buy from again; fast shipping!! *10 stars*"

Just some of the many positive comments we receive every week

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This is our New Expanded Training title for Adobe Photoshop CS4. More hours of training, More videos. More complete procedure demonstrations. More in-depth discussions than in any of our previous Photoshop training titles. We demonstrate all of the new features in Adobe Photoshop CS4 including 16 complete videos covering the new 3D capabilities.

Pass that Exam, Get a Raise, Start a New Job. Using our training can help you attain these goals.

You get the most comprehensive, thorough and complete training for Adobe Photoshop CS4 available.

This isn't some dry lecture, or a training disk that was designed to go with classroom training. Our training is complete training for Photoshop CS4. We demonstrate all of the tools and processes you will need to create your own professional level images. We do this using actual examples allowing you to learn the correct techniques and good practices needed for today's market. The training is broken down into easy to follow sections, starting with a basic introduction to Photoshop CS4 (including a look at the new features) and then moving onto more advanced lessons and topics.

New Adobe Photoshop CS4 Video Training

We show you:
• How to create professional images from scratch or existing images.
• How to use all of the advanced adjustment tools
• How to create more complex multi-image compositions
• How to work with the new 3D features
• Importing and Using Video in Photoshop CS4
• Creating Animation in Photoshop CS4
• How to use the automated features in Photoshop CS4
• How to use the advanced features in Photoshop CS4 Extended
• And much, much more.
Full list of Photoshop CS4 video lessons below

"Your disks are better than the Total Training ones I have gotten with the Adobe software."
"Every so-called guru should be trained by these fellows. A First-class product."
"Excellent product and a great bunch of guys to do business with! 2 thumbs up!"
"Exceptional customer service; Will buy from again; fast shipping!! *10 stars*"

Just some of the many positive comments we receive every week

Each HTG training software title guides you quickly and easily through comprehensive, step-by-step video tutorials.

As you follow along, you learn by doing, mastering the programs at your own pace. You are provided with a dynamic educational tool - an information rich resource you can refer to again and again.

Each instructor-guided CD or DVD title is presented in full motion video, with the instructor clearly demonstrating each lesson in the actual program being taught while providing a full narrative description of each step.

This Adobe Photoshop CS4 tutorial training package provides in-depth training in Photoshop CS4. The demonstrations were recorded in Windows Vista, but can be used on any Windows system.

You will learn both the theories behind this powerful program and how to apply your new expertise in the real world… right away.

You do not need to have Photoshop CS4 installed on your computer to view this training. You will need your own copy of Photoshop CS4 installed to do the exercises. This training set does not come with the actual Photoshop CS4 program.

Explore the world's most popular image manipulation software, Adobe Photoshop CS4. Our in-depth, easy-to-follow courses lead you through common tasks using a clear, step-by-step approach. HTG Photoshop CS4 Tutorial Training takes the guesswork out of mastering this graphics manipulation software.

Learn exactly what you need to know with our multimedia courseware. Our training teaches fundamental through advanced techniques and lets you apply what you have learned today.

Plus we are including all Materials with examples from all the projects and additional files, that let you work along with the tutorials and try out all of our demonstrations on your own machine using the same files we use in the demos.

This comprehensive set is packed with over 25 hours of video training. That‘s like taking an entire semester Photoshop CS4 college course from George Peirson, a recognized Guru in Photoshop – helping you stay ahead of the game. Each set comes shrink wrapped in DVD-style retail cases.


3 DVDs filled with 302 individual Photoshop CS4 video lessons.
Over 25 Hours of Photoshop CS4 Computer Video Training.
Covers every Photoshop CS4 topic that you need to know.
Includes all working files and examples.

Regular Price $88.95
Sale Price $49.87

Note: These are Computer DVDs and will not play on a TV style DVD player
Note: This training is for Windows and does not come with the Adobe programs
Our training videos can be viewed on a Mac. Visit our Mac page for more info.

Complete List of Photoshop CS4 Tutorial Videos

New Adobe Photoshop CS4 Video Training

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Tutorial Training

Photoshop CS4 Part 1

Intro & What’s New in Photoshop CS4
01 Intro and Using the Training
02 Photoshop CS4 Tour
03 Interface Changes
04 The Palette Dock
05 What’s New 1
06 What’s New 2

Basic Photoshop CS4
07 Creating a New File
08 Adding in Photos
09 Basic Photo Editing
10 Using Layers
11 Adjustments
12 Adding Text
13 Saving and Printing

Photoshop CS4 Menus & Panels 1
14 Tools Panel Overview
15 Options Panel Overview
16 Layers Panel
17 Color & Style Panels
18 Adjustments Panel
19 File Menu Overview
20 Edit Menu Overview
21 Image Menu Overview
22 Layer Menu Overview

Photoshop CS4 Menu & Palette 2
23 Select Menu Overview
24 Filter Menu Overview
25 Analysis Menu Overview
26 3D Menu
27 View Menu
28 Window Menu Overview
29 Help Menu Overview

Adobe Bridge CS4
30 Using Adobe Bridge
31 Bridge Preferences
32 Filters & Collections
33 Stacks
34 Loupe Tool
35 Get Photos from Camera

Photoshop CS4 Part 2

Working with Photoshop CS4 Files
01 Opening and Scanning
02 File Saving Preferences
03 Image Size and Resolution
04 Print dialog box
05 Raster or Vector Graphics?
06 Smart Objects
07 Version Cue CS4

Photoshop CS4 Selection Tools
08 Marquee
09 Move Tool
10 Lasso Tools
11 Magic Wand
12 Crop and Slice
13 Using Selections
14 Edge Control
15 Measurement Tools

Photoshop CS4 Raster Tools
16 Healing Tools
17 Paintbrush/Pencil
18 Stamp Tools
19 History Brushes
20 Eraser Tools
21 Gradient/Paint Bucket
22 Blur/Sharpen
23 Darkroom Tools

Photoshop CS4 Vector Tools
24 Pen Tools
25 Path Tools
26 Shape Tools
27 Type Tools

Photoshop CS4 Misc. Tools
28 3D Rotate
29 3D Orbit
30 Hand Tools
31 Zoom Tool
32 Foreground and Background
33 Quick Mask Tool

New Adobe Photoshop CS4 Video Training

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Tutorial Training

Photoshop CS4 Part 3

Photoshop CS4 File Menu
01 Revert
02 Place
03 Import
04 Export
05 Device Central
06 Automate
07 Scripts
08 Open/Clear Recent
09 Save for Web & Devices
10 Save for Web Examples
11 Import Video Frames to Layers
12 Export to Video, Zoomify
13 Save to PDF

Photoshop CS4 Edit Menu
14 Edit Menu Overview
15 Undo/Redo
16 Cut/Copy/Paste
17 Fill/Stroke
18 Transformations
19 Content Aware Scaling
20 AutoAlign & AutoBlend Layers
21 Preferences Performance

Photoshop CS4 Image Menu
22 Mode
23 Adjustments
24 Auto Corrections
25 Image Size
26 Canvas Size
27 Image Rotation
28 Crop/Trim
29 Duplicate/Apply Image
30 Calculations
31 Data Sets/Variables

Photoshop CS4 Part 4

Photoshop CS4 Adjustments 1
01 Brightness/Contrast
02 Levels
03 Curves
04 Exposure
05 Vibrance
06 Hue/Saturation
07 Color Balance
08 Black&White
09 Photo Filter
10 Channel Mixers

Photoshop CS4 Adjustments 2
11 Invert
12 Posterize
13 Threshold
14 Gradient Map
15 Selective Color
16 Shadow/Hightlight
17 Variations
18 Match Color
19 Replace Color
20 Equalize/Desaturate

Photoshop CS4 Layers 1
21 Layers Menu Overview
22 New Layer
23 Duplicate Layer
24 Layer Properties
25 Layer Styles
26 Smart Filter
27 Fill Layers
28 Adjustment Layers
29 Layer Content Options
30 Layer Masks
31 Vector Masks
32 Clipping Masks

Photoshop CS4 Layers 2
33 Smart Objects
34 Video Layers
35 Type Layers
36 Rasterize
37 Layer Based Slices
38 Group/Hide Layers
39 Arrange Layers
40 Align/Distribute Layers
41 Lock Layers
42 Link Layers
43 Merge Layers
44 Flatten Image
45 Matting
46 Layer Comps
47 Scripts

New Adobe Photoshop CS4 Video Training

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Tutorial Training

Photoshop CS4 Part 5

Working with Photoshop CS4 Type
01 Adding & Editing Type
02 Character
03 Paragraph
04 Type Effects
05 Type Warping
06 Type on a Path
07 Type Masks

Working with Photoshop CS4 Selections
08 Select Menu
09 Select/Inverse
10 Select Layers
11 Color Range
12 Refine Edge
13 Modify
14 Grow/Similar
15 Transform Selection
16 Quick Mask Mode
17 Save/Load Selection

Using Photoshop CS4 Filters
18 Convert for Smart Filters
19 Filter Gallery
20 Liquefy Filter
21 Vanishing Point
22 Artistic
23 Blur
24 Brush Strokes
25 Distort
26 Noise
27 Pixelate
28 Render
29 Sharpen
30 Sketch
31 Stylize
32 Texture
33 Video
34 Other
35 Digimarc/Filters Online
36 Fade Filters

Photoshop CS4 Analysis Menu
37 Set Measurement Scale
38 Ruler and Count Tools
39 Record Measurements
40 Place Scale Marker
41 Data Points

Photoshop CS4 Part 6

Working in Photoshop CS4 3D
01 3D Files
02 3D Postcard
03 Shape from Layer
04 Mesh from Grayscale
05 3D Panel
06 3D Scene
07 3D Mesh
08 3D Materials
09 3D Lights
10 New Lights
11 Replace Texture
12 Painting in 3D
13 Reparamerize
14 Export 3D Layers
15 Render/Rasterize
16 3D Content Online

Photoshop CS4 View Menu
17 Proofing
18 Zoom
19 Screen Mode
20 Extras/Show-Hide
21 Rulers
22 Snap To
23 Guides
24 Slices

Photoshop CS4 Windows Menu
25 Arrange
26 Workspaces
27 Extensions
28 Panels Overview

The Photoshop CS4 Panels 1
29 Actions
30 Adjustments
31 Animation
32 Brushes
33 Channels
34 Clone Source
35 Color
36 Histogram
37 Info

The Photoshop CS4 Panels 2
38 Masks
39 Navigator
40 Notes
41 Paths
42 Styles
43 Swatches
44 Tool Presets

New Adobe Photoshop CS4 Video Training

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Tutorial Training

Photoshop CS4 Part 7

Photoshop CS4 Web Graphics
01 Using Slices
02 Using in Dreamweaver
03 Create Seamless Tiles
04 Header Graphics
05 Banner Ad

Video and Animation
06 Importing Video
07 Animation (Timeline)
08 Animation (Frames)
09 Banner Animation
10 Video Layers
11 Saving Video/Animation

Photoshop CS4 Help Menu
12 Using Help
13 About Photoshop/Plug-ins
14 System Info
15 Registration/Updates
16 GPU/Photoshop Online
17 How To’s

Working with Photoshop CS4 Color
18 Web Safe Colors Explained
19 The Color Palette & Color Picker
20 Creating a Custom Color Palette
21 Color Libraries
22 Color Settings
23 Advanced Controls
24 Assign Profile
25 Convert to Profile

Photoshop CS4 File Types
26 PSD
27 Portable Bitmap
28 Acrobat PDF
31 EPS, DCS 1.0 & 2.0
32 Photoshop RAW
34 Dicom
35 Export paths to Illustrator

Photoshop CS4 Actions
36 Action Sets
37 Creating Actions
38 Managing Actions
39 Optimizing Actions

Photoshop CS4 Part 8

Patterns & Brushes
01 Define Brushes
02 Define Patterns
03 Gradients
04 Using in Layer Styles
05 Custom Shapes
06 Blending Modes

Photoshop CS4 Automation
07 Batch Automation
08 Create Droplet
09 Crop & Straighten Photos
10 Conditional Mode Change
11 Fit Image
12 Merge to HDR
13 Photomerge

Photoshop CS4 Scripts
14 Image Processor
15 Flatten
16 Export Layers
17 Script Events Manager
18 Load Files into Stack
19 Statistics

Photoshop CS4 Calibration
20 Color Chart
21 Print a color proof
22 CMYK Color Proof

Photoshop CS4 Preferences
23 Keyboard Shortcuts
24 Menus
25 General Preferences
26 Interface
27 File Handling
28 Performance
29 Cursors
30 Transparency & Gamut
31 Units & Rulers
32 Guides, Grid & Slices
33 Plug-ins
34 Type
35 Camera Raw

Photoshop CS4 Preset Manager
36 Preset Types
37 Custom Presets

Photoshop CS4 Tutorial Training
Regular Price $88.95
Sale Price $49.87

New Adobe Photoshop CS4 Video Training


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