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Adobe Photoshop® CS2
Complete Tutorial Training

Photoshop CS2 DVD training set

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Adobe Photoshop CS2 Training
on 2 DVDs

2 DVDs filled with
over 32 hours of video tutorial training.
195 individual video lessons.
Covers every topic that you need to know.
Includes all working files and examples.

The Most Complete Photoshop CS2 Training Available!

Brand New version of this best selling title!

"I ordered the Photoshop set and all i have to say is..Man, you ROCK!!!! "

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Use our Training to Boost your Adobe Photoshop CS2 skills to full speed quickly and easily. Learn new techniques. Enhance your skills. Apply your training today. Enhance your job skills, get that promotion, pass that class or simply bring your enjoyment of Photoshop to a new level.

Lessons are laid out in a logical, easy-to-follow format, guiding you step-by-step through the tools and processes you need to become a Photoshop Guru. Beginning with an overview of the principles involved, each lesson moves on to a step-by-step demonstration of the tool or process. Our Sets include hands-on, practical application projects that let you experience how to use these new skills in your everyday work.

This outstanding training set covers not just the basics, but provides practical information, clear-cut demonstrations, and project applications you can use immediately.

Note: this training is for Windows and does not come with the actual Photoshop program. These DVDs are designed for use on a computer and will NOT play on a TV DVD player.

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This Adobe Photoshop training package provides in-depth training in Photoshop CS2. The demonstrations were recorded in Windows XP, but can be used on any Windows system.

You will learn both the theories behind this powerful program and how to apply your new expertise in the real world… right away.

You do not need to have Photoshop CS2 installed on your computer to view this training. You will need your own copy of Photoshop CS2 installed to do the exercises. This training set does not come with the actual Photoshop CS2 program.

Explore the world's most popular image manipulation software. Adobe Photoshop. Our in-depth, easy-to-follow courses lead you through common tasks using a clear, step-by-step approach. HTG Photoshop Training takes the guesswork out of mastering this software.

Learn exactly what you need to know with our interactive multimedia courseware. Our training teaches fundamental through advanced techniques and lets you apply what you have learned today.

Plus we are including all Materials with examples from all the projects and additional files, that let you work along with the tutorials and try out all of our demonstrations on your own machine using the same files we use in the demos.

This comprehensive set is packed with over 40 hours of video training. That‘s like taking an entire semester Photoshop college course from Mr. Peirson. Each set comes shrink wrapped in DVD-style retail cases.

Over 40 hours of high quality, professional video training from George Peirson, a recognized Guru in Photoshop – helping you stay ahead of the game!


Complete List of Photoshop Tutorial Videos

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Training
Photoshop CS2 DVD training set

Photoshop CS2 Part 1

Intro & What’s New in Photoshop CS2
    How to use these CDs
    Photoshop CS2 Tour
    What Has Changed
    What’s New Overview 1
    What’s New Overview 2
    File Menu Overview
    Select Menu Overview
    Filter Menu Overview
    Image Menu Overview
    View Menu Overview
    Window Menu Overview
    Animation Palette
    Help Menu Overview

Photoshop CS2 Documents
    File Saving Preferences
    Image Size and Resolution
    Pixel Aspect Ratio
    Opening and Scanning
    Raster or Vector Graphics
    Adobe Bridge
    Adobe Stock Photos
    Version Cue CS2
    Smart Objects

Photoshop CS2 Selection Tools
    Overview of Tools
    Magic Wand
    Marquee and Lasso
    Crop and Slice
    Applying Effects Selection
    Matting and Feathering

Photoshop CS2 Part 2

Photoshop CS2 Raster Tools
    Paintbrush & Pencil Tool
    Color Replacement Tool
    Airbrush Tool
    Brush options
    Stamp Tools
    History - Art History Tools
    Repair Tools
    Spot Healing Brush
    Red Eye Reduction
    Blur, Sharp, Burn, Dodge
    Eraser Tools
    Gradient, Paint Bucket

Photoshop CS2 Vector Tools
    Path Tools
    Using Paths Palette
    Type Too
    Pen Tool
    Shape Tool

Photoshop CS2 Misc. Tools
    Misc. Tools
    Foreground Background
    View Tools & Navigation

Photoshop CS2 File Menu
    File Menu Overview
    Variable Data Sets
    32-bit HDR
    Multi-Image RAW
    Image Processor
    Script Events Manager
    Print Online

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Training
Photoshop CS2 DVD training set

Photoshop CS2 Part 3

Photoshop CS2 Edit Menu
    Edit Menu Overview
    Image Warp

Photoshop CS2 Image Menu - Adjustments
    Color Balance
    Photo Filter effects
    Using Match Color

Photoshop CS2 Layers
    Layers Menu Overview
    Multiple Layer Control
    Smart Objects
    Using Layers
    Managing Layers
    Layer Effects
    Layer Shortcuts
    Type layers
    Adjustment Layers
    Layer Channels & Masks
    Copying Layers to Files
    Transforming Layers
    Using Layer Comps
    Using Scripting
    Layer Styles
    Blending Modes
    Layer Alignment

Photoshop CS2 Part 4

Photoshop CS2 Type
    Adding & Editing Type
    The Type Palette
    Type Effects
    Type Warping
    Text on a Path
    Type as Clip Art

Photoshop CS2 Select and Filters
    Select Menu Overview
    Filter Menu Overview
    Extract Filter
    Filter Gallery
    Liquefy Filter
    Pattern Maker
    Vanishing Point
    Standard Filters
    Lens Blur effects
    Optical Lens Correction
    Reduce Noise
    Smart Sharpen
    Fiber Filter

Photoshop CS2 Color
    Web Safe Colors
    Color Palette Color Picker
    Custom Color Palette
    Proper color mode

Photoshop CS2 File Types
    PSD and BMP
    EPS, DCS 1.0 & 2.0
    Export paths to Illustrator
    Export to Zoomview

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Training
Photoshop CS2 DVD training set

Photoshop CS2 Part 5

Photoshop CS2 Actions
    Creating Actions
    Action Sets
    Managing Actions
    Optimizing Actions

Photoshop CS2 History Palette
    Intro to History Palette
    Tracking your Edit History
    Snapshots History States
    Painting with History

Photoshop CS2 Patterns & Brushes
    Creating Custom
    Using in Layer Styles
    Custom Shapes

Photoshop CS2 Plug-ins & Filters
    Using & Installing Plug-ins
    Blur / Sharpen
    Noise / Pixelate
    Video / Other
    Creating Custom Filters

Photoshop CS2 Automation
    Batch Automation
    Create Droplet
    Contact Sheets
    Web Photo Gallery
    Other Automations
    Multi-page PDF
    Photomerge Panoramas
    Crop & Straighten Photos

Photoshop CS2 Information and Annotation
    Setting up file information
    Notes Tool
    Audio Annotation

Photoshop CS2 Part 6

Photoshop CS2 Calibration
    Calibrate your Monitor
    Printing inks
    Print a color proof
    CMYK Color Proof
    General Preferences
    File Handling
    Display & Cursors
    Transparency & Gamut
    Units & Rulers
    Guides, Grid & Slices
    Plug-ins & Scratch Disks
    Memory & Image Cache
    File Browser

Photoshop CS2 Color Settings
    Color Management
    Working Spaces
    Color Polices
    Advanced Mode

Photoshop CS2 Preset Manager
    Preset Types
    Custom Presets

Photoshop CS2 Misc.
    Keyboard Shortcuts
    Getting Help
    Custom How To links
    Misc. Tips & Tricks

Adobe ImageReady CS2 Training
Photoshop CS2 DVD training set

ImageReady CS2 Introduction
    Opening ImageReady
    The New CS Layout
    ImageReady & Photoshop
    Using Slices
    Slices and Tables
    Saving for the Web

ImageReady CS2 Effects

    Web Content Palette
   Rollover Effects
    Other Mouse Effects
    Creating Custom Effects
    Putting it all together

ImageReady CS2 Image Maps
    Creating Image Maps
    Image Map Types
    Changing Image Map
    HTML Output Exporting

ImageReady CS2 Animation
    Animation Theory
    Frame by Frame
    Saving Animations
    Animations on the Web

ImageReady CS2 Finishing
    Export to Flash File
    Using Data


2 DVDs filled with
over 32 hours of video tutorial training.
195 individual video lessons.
Covers every topic that you need to know.
Includes all working files and examples.

Regular Price $68.95
Sale Price $29.87

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Tutorial Training on 2 DVDs



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