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Search Engine Optimization  New! Search Engine Optimization
Completely Updated with All New Videos for 2013
Including Strategies for Google's Panda and Penguin updates

Search Engine Optimization

When you need affiliate marketing training, There is a Difference.
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Over 8 hours of video training
118  Individual Video Lessons
with Full Motion Video and Crystal Clear Sound
Demonstrated on the Web and in Dreamweaver

No other SEO - Search Engine Optimization training even comes close

With the constantly changing internet environment it is important to pay attention to Search Engine Optimization or SEO, adjusting your site for the best possible search engine exposure and positioning. In 2013 Google once again changed their search ranking algorithm and once again caused Google search rankings to change for many websites. All of the major search engines are constantly updating their search engines to try to give their users the most relevent search results for their searches. But this can cause your web site to quickly drop in the search listings if you don't pay attention to Search Engine Optimization. This is an ongoing process, you should be optimizing your web site at the very least 2 times a year and this training title will help you do just that. We show you the major free tools available on the internet to get your site the best ranking.

  • We show you, Step-By-Step with Full Motion Video
  • Why you need to pay attention to Google Panda and Penguin
  • Which parts of your web site need to be optimized
  • Exactly how to Optimize each needed section
  • Special Optimization tricks
  • Using the free Webmaster Tools available on Google
  • We go step-by-step through each of the Google tools
  • Setting up and using Google Analytics to track web site performance
  • Checking for errors on your site that need to be fixed
  • Using the new free Webmaster Tools from Bing by Microsoft
  • How to put together the Best Keyword List and choosing the Right Keywords
  • Where to use your Keywords for the Best Results
  • Using SEO for Blogs
  • Other free tools to get the most out of your SEO
  • And Much, Much More!

  • See Complete List of Videos Below.



Search Engine Optimization

Each HTG training software title guides you quickly and easily through comprehensive, step-by-step video tutorials.

As you follow along, you learn by doing, mastering the programs at your own pace. You are provided with a dynamic educational tool - an information rich resource you can refer to again and again.

Each instructor-guided CD or DVD title is presented in full motion video, with the instructor clearly demonstrating each lesson in the actual program being taught while providing a full narrative description of each step.

This training assumes a basic understanding of web design. If you need web design training we recommend any of our Dreamweaver training titles.

List Price $59.95
Search Engine Optimization Our Price $19.87

on DVD

Note: These are Computer DVDs and will not play on a TV style DVD player
Note: This training is for Windows and does not come with the Adobe programs
Our training videos can be viewed on a Mac. Visit our Mac page for more info.

Complete List of SEO Marketing Videos

Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Part 1

SEO in 2013
01 What is SEO?
02 Why Worry about Google?
03 What is Panda?
04 What is Penguin?
05 What abou Backlinks?
06 Content is King
07 Keywords
08 Links
09 Accessibility
10 Good Code

SEO Basics
11 Search Engine Friendly
12 Pages in Root
13 Site Maps
14 Page Navigation
15 Using CSS Advantages
16 Listing Your Site

Working on Your Site
17 Creating a Bottom Nav
18 SEO Friendly Nav Bars
19 Using Alt Tags Effectively
20 Importance of Content
21 SEO for Affiliate Ads
22 Tools to Check Content
23 Keyword Tricks & Spam
24 Writing Good Content
25 Validating Site
26 Checking in Browsers

27 Making a Keyword List
28 Google Keyword Tool
29 YouTube Keyword Tool
30 Google Adwords
31 Find Keywords on eBay
32 Find Keywords on Yahoo
33 Find Keywords on Bing
34 Find Keywords on Amazon
35 Cleaning Up Your List
36 Deciding on Keywords
37 Keyword Rich Titles
38 Keyword Rich Content
39 Keyword Rich Lists
40 Keyword Rich Alt Tags
41 Keyword Rich Links
42 Keywords in Description
43 Keyword Meta Tag

Part 2

01 Importance of Links
02 Properly using Internal Links
03 Contextual Links
04 External Links
05 Getting External Links
06 Good and Bad Links
07 Linking Strategy

Google Webmaster Tools 1
08 Google Webmaster Tools
09 Adding a Site
10 Sitemaps
11 Crawler Access
12 Site links
13 Change of Address
14 Settings
15 Search Queries
16 Links to your site
17 Keywords

Google Webmaster Tools 2
18 Internal links
19 Subscriber Stats
20 Malware
21 Crawl errors
22 Crawl Stats
23 Fetch as Googlebot
24 HTML Suggestions
25 Site Performance
26 Video Sitemaps

Google Analytics
27 Signing Up
28 Installing Code
29 Dashboard
30 Intelligence
31 Visitors
32 Traffic Sources
33 Content
34 Goals
35 Custom Reporting
36 Add Website Profile
37 User Manager
38 Filter Manager
39 Google Analytics Help
40 More Resources


Part 3

Bing Webmaster Tools 1
01 Bing Webmaster Tools
02 Submit your site to Bing
03 Signing In
04 Add Your Site
05 Dashboard
06 Export Stats
07 Crawl Summary
08 Crawl Settings
09 Crawl Details
10 Sitemaps

Bing Webmaster Tools 2
11 Index Summary
12 Index Explorer
13 Submit URLs
14 Block URLs
15 Links
16 Traffic Summary
17 Page Traffic

Part 3 continued

SEO for WordPress
18 Site SEO Strategies
19 Page Naming
20 Content
21 Alt Tags
22 Useful Plugins

Free Tools
23 DIY Meta Tags
24 Position Check Tool
25 Spider Test Tool
26 Search Listings Preview

SEO Tips
27 Improve Bounce Rate
28 Improve Visit Time
29 Use Original Content
30 Don’t Overdo Ads
31 Rework Duplicate Content
32 Us In-Site Contextual Links
33 Work on External Links
34 Join Online Discussions
35 Be Patient

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization




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