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How to Make Joomla! Web Sites How to Make Joomla! Web Sites

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How to Make Joomla! Web Sites

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Creating a web site is easy to do if you use a program like Joomla. The trick is to know how to do it correctly. Do you want just a simple blog, or do you want a fully functioning web site? In this training we show you how to set up Joomla correctly, how to link it to a custom domain name, and how to add in all of the extras that will separate your web site from just a simple blog and turn it into a rich featured web site that can be used as a hub for all of your web site activities and promotions.

The best part is that Joomla is included free with many web hosting plans, you don't need to purchase any special software, you don't need to install anything on your computer. Everything is handled online, meaning that you can update your web site from any computer, anywhere in the world. You can even update your web site from a smart phone or tablet.

How to Make Joomla! Web Sites
  • We show you, Step-By-Step
    • How To Create a Blog using Joomla
    • Using the Joomla Administer Interface
    • How To Convert a Blog into a Web Site
    • Using Joomla with a Custom Domain Name
    • Working with Joomla 1.x and 2.x
    • How to Format Your Articles
    • Adding Links, Pictures, and Video to your Articles
    • Managing Posts for better SEO
    • Creating Stand Alone Custom Pages
    • Where to find additional help
    • Using Components, Modules, Plug-ins and more
    • Working with Joomla Templates
    • Working through the Australian Parks Sample Site
    • Working through the Fruit Shop Sample Site
    • How to Customize Templates
    • Working with CSS in Templates
    • Working with PHP in Templates
    • And Much, Much More!
  • See Full List of Videos Below.


How to Make Joomla! Web Sites

Each HTG training software title guides you quickly and easily through comprehensive, step-by-step video tutorials.

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Complete List of Videos

How to Make Joomla! Web Sites

How To Make Joomla! Web Sites

Part 1

About Joomla
01. What is Joomla?
02. Joomla Requirements
03 Joomla Versions
04. Where to Download Joomla
05. Installing on Testing Server
06. Choosing Hosting Provider
07. Setting Up on Hosting

Absolute Beginner Section
08. How the Internet Works
09. How Web Pages Work 1
10. How Web Pages Work 2
11. Choosing a Name
12. Registering a Domain Name

Basic Joomla Layout
13. Getting Around in Joomla
14. Site Log In
15. Site Tour
16. Administer Log In
17. Admin Tour
18. What are Articles?
19. Basic Editing
20. About Themes
21. Changing Themes

Joomla Help
22. Finding Help
23. Joomla Documentation
24. Joomla Forum
25. Joomla User Groups

Site Pages
26. Home Page
27. Site Map
28. Login
29. Sample Sites
30. Site Administrator
31. Example Pages

Joomla Components
32. Content
33. Contact
34. Weblinks
35. News Feeds
36. Users
37. Search
38. Administrator

Part 2

Joomla Modules
01. Navigation
02. Content
03. Display
04. Utility

05. Sample Templates
06. More Templates
07. Switching Templates

08. Authentication
09. Content
10. Editors
11. Editors Extended
12. Search
13. User
14. System

15. Control Panel
16. Add New Article
17. Article Manager
18. Category Manager
19. Media Manager
20. Menu Manager
21. User Manager
22. Module Manager
23. Extension Manager
24. Language Manager
25. Global Configuration
26. Template Manager
27. Edit Profile

Australian Parks Sample Site
28. Home Page
29. Blog
30. Image Gallery
31. Links

Part 3

Fruit Shop Sample Site
01. Home Page
02. Encyclopedia
03. Growers Page
04. Contact Us
05. Log In
06. Directions Page
07. Recipes Page

CSS & PHP in Templates
08. Template CSS
09. About CSS
10. Editing CSS
11. Template PHP
12. About PHP
13 Editing PHP

Final Thoughts
14. Review of Help
15. Advanced Joomla
16. Plug-Ins & Extensions

How to Make Joomla! Web Sites


How to Make Joomla! Web Sites




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