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Complete Tutorial Training for JavaScript

Review of our JavaScript training on

"... I've really grown quite fond of video training, and this one is excellent."

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Complete Tutorial Training for JavaScript

List Price $58.95
Our Price $29.87

The Easy Way to Learn JavaScript

• Which Program to use
• Coding Basics
• How To Create Simple to Complex JavaScripts
• Many Sample Scripts to Use Right Now
• Plus Much More!

Join our growing group of satisfied users
who have achieved learning success with our training titles.

Our video training gives you the tools you need to start creating JavaScript programs immediately. If you are tired of digging through books, or of trying to make sense of the help files then this is the training for you.

Our Guru will guide you through JavaScript with easy to follow How To video demonstrations of all areas in this exciting web based programming language.

Training Led by Award Winning Designer, Author and Trainer George Peirson. Mr. Peirson has been a working professional in design, advertising, film and video for over 20 years.

Our JavaScript Training is filled with
Over 75 separate video lessons

Over 9 hours of Training
Covers every topic that you need to know

Includes all working files and examples

Review of our JavaScript Training
by Sean McCown
Contributing Editor to InfoWorld:


This is a very nice introduction to JavaScript. It starts out by explaining what JavaScript is, and what versions there are, etc. I wouldn’t exactly say that it’s for those with no programming experience at all, but it is for someone with no JavaScript experience. It carries some very nice discussions on the different aspects of coding in JavaScript, and shows some nice code examples of each on along with full explanations.

The instructor explained things in a way that I actually understood. I’ve read a couple JavaScript books and I can say I honestly didn’t get it. It’s always been so difficult to me, but when he explained the same concepts here, something just clicked, and I still can’t figure out why the books didn’t just say that.

This course won’t take you to master level, but it’ll definitely give you a firm foundation in the basics (and even a little beyond) and you can pick it up from there. You can’t help but learn JavaScript with this course.

Presentation Style

The presenter is very comfortable with explaining the topic. It’s very easy to see that he’s experienced coding JavaScript as well as working in the tools he uses in the course. He has a comfortable and relaxed way of speaking and knows how to get his point across. His inflections keep you interested as he talks more like he’s teaching you directly and not speaking into a microphone on a computer. He has a lesson plan and he sticks to it without being stuffy about it. The course itself keeps a good pace and it’s divided up in such a way that it would be easy enough to go back and use it as a reference as I have done a couple times already.

Table of Contents

I ordinarily go into detail about here, but it’s just not necessary.  The table of contents is fully available on the website and he does such a good job my comments wouldn’t add anything to the mix. 

Complete List of Video Lessons

Complete Tutorial Training for JavaScript

Part 1

    How to use this Training
    What is JavaScript?
    JavaScript versions
    What program to use?
    Placement in Web Page
    External JavaScript file
    Using IE to spot errors

Coding Basics
    First Script - Alert Box
    Commenting and Hiding
    JavaScript Components
    Best Practices
    Primitive Data Types
    Variables 2
    NaN - Infinity

Data Types & Operators
    Boolean Values
    Assignment Operators
    Comparison Operators

    Special Operators

Part 2

Functions, Objects
    Control Statements     
    Window Object
    Document Object
    Custom Object

Boxes & Messages
    Alert Box
    Confirm Box
    Prompt Box
    Status Bar


Window Document Obj.
    Open New Window
    Close Window
    New Page
    Print Page
    Div, Span, Layers
    Changing Layers

    Properties of Forms
    Form Elements
    Text Fields
    Lists & Menus
    Radio Buttons &
    Check Boxes


Complete Tutorial Training for JavaScript   

Part 3

    Why Validate?
    Access Data
    Test Data
    Required Fields
    Validating Numbers
    Zip Code Validation
    Phone Number Validation
    Email Validation

Dates in JavaScript
    Date Object
    Get Methods
    Set Methods
    To Methods

Math in JavaScript
    Math Constants
    Math Methods
    Random Numbers

Part 4

JavaScript Projects 1
    External JS File
    Page Redirect
    Open New Window
    Play Sound
    Popup Message

Preload Images
    Create Layer

JavaScript Projects 2
    Show-Hide Layer
    Setting Window Chrome
    Screen Resize
    Add Bookmark
    Print Button
    Mouse Trails
    History Button
    Timed Page ReDirect

     and More!

List Price $58.97
Our Price $



Complete Tutorial Training for JavaScript




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