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Upgrade Tutorial Training for
Macromedia Dreamweaver 8

If you are upgrading from Dreamweaver MX or MX 2004 to Dreamweaver 8, this is the training package you want.

 Training Highlights:

 checkmark Dreamweaver 8 Overview
 checkmark What's new in the Interface
 checkmark Using the New Tools
 checkmark What's new in creating Sites
 checkmark New Page Operations functions
 checkmark New CSS Improvements
 checkmark New Coding Improvements
 checkmark Adding Flash Video
 checkmark Dynamic Page Improvements
 checkmark Accessible Site Improvements
 checkmark Undocumented New Features

Training for

  ( you won't find these listed in the Dreamweaver what's new help file! )

  See the complete contents below

"I have gone through the Training that I purchased from you and it is really great. Your CDs are better than the ones I have gotten with the Adobe Illustrator CS and Photoshop CS software. (Total Training) "

Comments by recent purchasers

List Price $59.95
Our Price $29.87
Available on 1 DVD

2 CDs or 1 DVD filled with over 3 hours of video tutorial training. Includes all the working files and examples.

Dreamweaver is the standard program for creating exciting web sites. Version 8 of this program runs very much like version MX 2004 and is an easy upgrade for anyone familiar with the earlier version. There are however several new enhancements and features that will greatly enhance your abilities to create up to date web sites.

This training set is for the person who already knows how to use Dreamweaver and wants to learn just about the new features in version 8 (Macromedia Studio 8). This training comes on 2 CDs or 1 DVD and contains 28 separate video lessons, along with all files and working materials.

This training includes demonstrations of all the new features listed by Macromedia. It also includes demonstrations and discussions of several undocumented new features that you will not find listed anywhere else.

Boost your Macromedia Dreamweaver skills to full speed quickly and easily with this latest course clearly demonstrated by top training guru, George Peirson.

Here is what you get:

  • Upgrade Training for Dreamweaver 8 - Showing you everything new in version 8
  • Video based training
  • Includes all of the working files and examples used in the demonstrations

Note: this training is for Windows and does not come with the actual Dreamweaver program


The lessons are laid out in a logical, easy-to-follow format, guiding you step-by-step through the tools and processes you need. Beginning with an overview of the principles involved, each lesson moves on to a step-by-step demonstration of the tool or process.

By using this training, you will learn how to use Dreamweaver, discover how to maximize your learning, and truly master this powerful program to become a Dreamweaver Guru.

Upgrade Training for Dreamweaver 8
Everything new in version 8

Dreamweaver 8 interface
Screenshot of actual Training Program

Part 1

How to use these CDs
Improved WevDAV
Workspace Layouts
Updated Reference Materials

The Interface
Style Rendering Toolbar
New Tools
New Guides
Visual Aids button
Toolbar Enhancements
Additions to the Help Menu
Palette changes

Setting up a Site
Background File Transfer
New Starter Pages
Improved Site Synchronization
Macromedia Web Publishing System

Part 2

Basic Page Operations
Compare Files
Paste Special
Site Relative Reference

Unified CSS Panel - CSS button
CSS Layout Visualization
CSS Rendering Improvements

Drag & Drop XML Coding
Collapsing Code
Code Editing Improvements
Coding Toolbar

Add Flash Video

Dynamic Pages
ColdFusion MX 7 Support
PHP 5 Support

Accessible Sites
WCAG/W3C priority 2 checkpoints

List Price $59.95
Our Price $29.87

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